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SpanishWhiz is a program for learning and practicing the Spanish language. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface, but don't let this fool you: the program is very powerful and has many useful features. Beginners can choose between three different levels of learning. Of course, it is recommended to start at Level 1, but it is not a requirement. Once you have chosen the level you want to study, you will find several features related to that level, such as fill-in and dictation quizzes, whose themes are divided by categories such as clothes, sports, family, verbs and so on. These are very useful for learning common-use words and phrases. An interesting characteristic is the set of sound practices. One of them is the Dictation feature, in which you listen to a Spanish word or phrase and write the English translation of it. Also, in the Listening-Pronunciation feature, you can listen to a Spanish word and can record your own voice saying that word, allowing you to compare your pronunciation with that of the sample voice. One of the most amazing features is the Jokes section, which include several, very funny jokes both in English and Spanish, and which constitutes a useful addition to learning.
The trial version has some features disabled, but you can get a good idea of them. If you want or need to learn Spanish, this program would be a very wise investment. You can order the program as a download or as a CD-ROM, which will be sent to you via First Class Mail.

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  • Comprehensive
  • Affordable
  • Some of the jokes used for practicing are really fun


  • Spoken parts use Castillian intonation and pronunciation, which are rather different from those used in Mexico and South America
  • Some nouns in the games and quizzes include the article as if it was a part of the noun
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